The very best vegetables possible using ​

simple tried and true organic practices.

The Way It Should Be!

Birth of a Crazy Dream. 

Birth of a Crazy Dream. 
 ​Who is Nate? I’m Nathan Howe. Some of you already know me and a little of my story. But for those that may not, I am a native Iowan, born and raised. I grew up in the middle of corn and soy bean country east of Hinton, IA. As many young folks do, I couldn’t wait to get out of the country and into the city life.  
In the fall of 2004, I gathered my few possessions and moved to Boulder, Colorado. After facing some of life’s challenges, I made the bold decision in my early 30s to go back to school. I attended the “Escoffier School of Culinary Arts.” They offer a 10month accelerated program, one of which is spent on a local Boulder farm. There, on 63rd St. Farm, in the warmth of the Colorado sun, on my knees pulling weeds, it hit me. Hey, I want to do this! I can grow food and I think I can be good enough to sell some also.
In the summer of 2013, I had no idea how or what this new dream looked like. I graduated from culinary schools with honors and started putting my plan into action. My first step meant leaving my second home, my love, Colorado and moving myself, my dog and this crazy dream back to Iowa!
Along the way, I made a short detour to the U.S. Virgin Islands to put my culinary degree to good use and to see some more of the world.
Finally, things fell into place and I reclaimed my Iowan badge. I spent the next two season readjusting, settling and falling back in love with Iowa. I am proud to say that this crazy idea that came from pulling someone else’s weeds is now a well-nurtured, unstoppable passion to grow the best vegetables that I can for myself and most importantly, the people I love.

What is Nate’s Farm you ask?

It is a small-scale bio diverse Market Garden (1500sq ft).  I’ve essentially built a huge backyard garden that grows over 20 different varieties of vegetables that you would expect to find in your great-grandma’s garden; tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers and much more.   

Why am I doing this?

 It’s simple, I want to grow the best tasting veggies that I can, and I believe that I can do it well enough to share with the people I love and our community. The current state of our country’s food system is less than favorable, but there is hope! It begins at the ground level with you and your families, supporting the growth of the localized food movement. We are in this together.

Who am I doing this for?

   I am doing this for you, your families, my family and the community I chose to call home. I am doing this for those individuals seeking better options to feed fresh, nutritious veggies to their loved ones while keeping their money close to home.  

How am I going to this? 

SPIN (Small Plot INtensive) Gardening is how I will achieve this. High productivity on a small plot of land (1500 sq ft), requires a combination of intensive production methods and season extension techniques.  So, lots of planning, paired with a couple big scoops of hard work with a smile on top!

Where is Nate’s Farm located? 

My home base is on a small plot of land that has been in the Howe family for more than a century. It is a short, 8mile drive east of Hinton, IA. I have access to 50 acres, but use less than one to grow your veggies.